RK Chain 520VRX x 120 LINK


RK’s Next Generation ‘RX’ SEAL-RING Drive ChainMade in Japan with the best Japanese Technology!

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  • Ideally suited for SPORT, TOURING and OFF ROAD motorcycles up to 750cc.
    Perfect for O.E. replacement use or for competition applications.
  • This lighter weight chain will enhance acceleration and reduce horsepower drag losses.
    Utilising high tensile strength components and combined with the RX-Ring featuring dual
    lubrication pools and seal contact points to deliver an affordable, long lasting performance chain.
  • True value for money with exceptional wear life compared to standard or basic ‘O’ ring chains.
  • Each chain pack is supplied with a Clip Type Joining Link –
    comprising [Pin Plate, Outer Plate, X’rings x 4, Clip and assemble chain grease].

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