Scott Softcon Air Jacket Protector XL


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Scott continue to push the balance of safety and comfort with their latest incarnation of the Scott Softcon Air Jacket Body protector. Designed to tread the fine line between the optimum level of personal safety technology with ensuring rider comfort. Featuring specifically designed ergonomic and flexible D3O® pads and plates, the Softcon Air Jacket is designed to work with most neck brace designs. The main body of the jacket is made of stretch mesh materials, ensuring a comfortable experience for the wearer thanks to the moisture wicking inner panels that make up the 3D padding.

Cutting edge safety and comfort
Ergonomic D3O pads and plates
Highly breathable construction
Neckbrace compatible
D3O® AirFlow back and chest plates
D3O® pads on elbow and shoulder
Scott specifically designed ergonomic and flexible D3O® pads and plates
Perfect neck brace compatibility
Anti-moisture inner panels in 3D mesh
Main body made of stretch mesh fabric