The new “Neo” glove for winter training.

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The NEO gets its name not just from its newness, but also from the small glove known as a “neoprene” that you should always have in your bag for winter motocross training or cool morning/evening bike rides. It’s not, strictly speaking, made of neoprene. Its Lycra® Fleece construction feels even more pleasant and comfortable than simple neoprene, because it’s thinner and less constricting. It acts as a slim barrier against the wind and cold, while retaining a flexibility that leaves your movements, and your precision at the controls, unhindered. Beyond insulating and retaining your hand’s natural warmth, the NEO proves its effectiveness with a number of elements, such as the silicone prints on the inside of the palm, index, and middle fingers, for optimal grip on the controls, and its Clear Vision Pad™, to wipe off your face mask, or Touch Screen™ systems, for handling electronic devices (smartphone or GPS). With the NEO, riding off-road in winter and braving the elements will swiftly become a real pleasure. Though it’s designed for training, some riders will make it their secret weapon for competitions under extreme conditions.

  • Lycra® Fleece construction, to block out the cold and wind (topside)
  • AX Suede® Cinco synthetic leather that combines comfort and excellent grip (palm side)
  • Silicone prints on the index and middle fingers and on the palm, for grip on the controls
  • Embossed Neoprene™ wristband with integrated Velcro® adjustment tab
  • Outer part of the thumb in Clear Vision Pad™ micro-terry foam, for cleaning off your face mask
  • Fourchettes (between the fingers) in water-repellent Lycra®
  • Pull’N’Ride on/off tab integrated into the wristband
  • Touch Screen™ system (on the index finger) for handling electronic devices
  • FIVE embossed or retro-reflective logos

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