Interphone Tour – Single Pack


Ideal intercom for long group trips.



Interphone Tour is the flagship product of the Cellularline Interphone line. Constructive quality at the highest levels and elegant shapes outline the new intercom, characterized by a Matt Gray body. Interphone Tour is able to communicate up to four riders within a maximum distance of 1.5 km. It is compatible with all smartphones equipped with Bluetooth® technology and allows you to receive and make calls, listen to music and follow the directions of the navigator on the route. Compatible with all types of helmets, Interphone Tour is totally waterproof, has a battery with record autonomy of over 20 hours and is able to recharge very quickly thanks to the Fast Charge technology. The perfect intercom for those who face long journeys. Interphone Tour is easy to install and combines advanced technology, design and ease of use.



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