OXFORD Cable Repair Kit


Essential Emergency cable repair kit

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Oxford Motorcycle/Cycle Cable Repair Kit

  • Essential Emergency cable repair kit
  • Used for the temporary fix of broken cables
  • Includes 2 coils of cable and various solderless nipples
  • Supplied in a handy aluminium storage tin

Kit Contents:

  • Solderless nipples

5mm diameter x 8mm
7mm diameter x 11mm
8mm diameter x 12mm
8mm diameter x 13mm
8mm diameter x 14mm with sleeve & nut
10mm diameter x 20mm

  • Nipples

7.8mm diameter x 9mm horizontal barrel nipple for 1.5mm cable
7.8mm x 15mm shouldered horizontal nipple for 1.5mm cable
3.5mm-6mm brass steed sleeve nipple for 1.1mm cable

  • Bowden Cables

1.6M x 1.5mm with 3.5mm-6mm stepped nipple on one end
1.6M x 1.1mm with 3mm nipple on one end



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