OXFORD Commuter X4 Rear Light


The Oxford Commuter X4 Rear Light is a revolution in lighting – It increases visibility from all angles


  • The Oxford Commuter X4 Rear Light is a revolution in lighting.
  • The three dimensional design allows drivers to see you from more angles and helps them judge your speed and distance, making you safer on busy roads.
  • Increases visibility from all angles: The distinct shape with multiple focus points helps road users judge your distance, width and speed.
  • The fibre optics create a side profile at junctions and help HGV drivers see you more clearly from above.
  • The central projective light provides 30 or 70 lumens with multiple flash and fade settings.
  • Packed full of features: USB rechargeable, water resistant and durable.
  • Features multiple flash and fade settings with variable outputs for power saving.
  • Silver reflective tapes add to visibility.

Top Features: 

  • Projective central LED chip light
  • 4 LED fibre optics
  • USB rechargeable
  • Adjusts to backpacks up to 35 litres
  • Water resistant
  • Multiple flash and fade settings
  • Multiple output options for power saving
  • Allows access to all zips and pockets whilst in place
  • Can be worn over shoulders without a backpack



Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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