Dunlop Q3+ Rear Motorcycle Tyre 180/55ZR17 73W


The successor to the Dunlop Sportmax Q3, the Sportmax Q3+, offers more longevity on the street and the track, plus more grip, stability and steering feel.

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The Q3+’s new components have created a dramatically improved tyre. Boasting the same familiar and predictable feel as the Q3, the Q3+ incorporates a new silica-enriched center tread section built into the MT rear tyre. Much of the credit for the Q3+’s increased longevity goes to this new compound, which added miles to the tyre without sacrificing grip.

With all of its new compounds, the Sportmax Q3+ also offers a better all-around wear balance between the center and side MT compounds. In addition to the carbon fiber reinforcement utilized in the sidewalls of the front and rear tyres, construction and compound changes contributed to added tyre stability, giving the Q3+ 3.5% to 6.0% more footprint and more grip at max lean angles. By delivering more grip and more longevity, the Q3+ is a faster, longer lasting tyre, able to provide riders with more riding days compared to the Q3.


Only hypersport tyre made in the U.S.A., the Q3+ was designed at Dunlop’s Buffalo, NY headquarters, and manufactured in the Buffalo plant on the same high-tech production equipment as Dunlop’s racing tyres.

Aggressive Q3+ tread pattern uses minimal tread grooves that are long in length to enhance wet-weather performance.

Intuitive Response Profile™ (IRP) technology in the Q3+ rear tyre allows greater latitude in line choice while cornering, plus amazingly linear steering.

The all-new Q3+ offers superb grip, stability, steering feel and longevity on the street and on the track

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