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Usefully combining the benefits of leather with the technical advantages offered by some synthetic materials was our goal in designing the WFX 1 EVO WP, a modern, warm, comfortable, protective, and supple glove to face the harshness of winter. Its entire palm is made from goat leather, renowned for its extreme suppleness. The same goes for most of its topside construction, to which we’ve added water-repellent, stretch technical fabrics. The main asset of this WFX1 EVO WP is clearly its Primaloft® thermal insulation, a sort of water-resistant, synthetic down fill that captures the natural heat of your hands to create a thermal barrier against outside temperatures. The 5_DRYTECH™ membrane ensures the breathability and weatherproofing you need when it’s raining. It’s glued to the palm, ensuring that it stays put and offering better grip on the handlebars. An internal lining on the top of the hand in synthetic fur adds a feeling of soft comfort that’s comforting when the cold gets to you. Protection is provided by a one-piece ERGO PROTECH® shell concealed under the fabric on the metacarpals, and by the very latest in soft palm shells, along with reinforcements on the outer fingers. Comfort gussets around the wrist contribute to perfect freedom of movement. Particular attention has been paid to the cuff and the closure system. The Over Size Cuff System allows you to adjust the length of the cuff using a weatherproof zipper, so you can more easily wear it over your jacket’s sleeve. A two-point adjustment-strap anchor ensures perfect wrist hold. The WFX1 EVO WP features elements that make your everyday ride more enjoyable, such as the Touch Screen™ system for handling device screens, or the Clear Vision Pad™ on the left hand, which allows you to wipe off your helmet visor while you ride. WFX1 EVO WP: the glove designed for long rides in the rain or cold, while your hands stay warm and dry.


  • Mixed goat leather and fabric construction (topside) / Goat leather (palm)
  • Weatherproof and breathable 5_DRYTECH™ internal membrane
  • Primaloft® Silver (topside) and Primaloft® Gold (palm) thermal insulation
  • ERGO PROTECH® PVC metacarpo-phalangeal protective shell under nylon
  • ERGO PROTECH® soft TPR hypothenar protective shell (palm slider)
  • Palm reinforcement in embossed synthetic leather for optimal grip on the controls
  • Nylon accordion comfort gussets
  • Textured, reflective 3D logos
  • Dual closure system with a concealed Velcro® adjustment tab under leather, and a cuff adjustment strip 
  • Touch Screen™ system for handling touchscreen devices
  • Clear Vision Pad™ system (left hand) to wipe off your helmet visor while you ride

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