Polisport Pro-Octane Fuel Can 10ltr with Hose


The Polisport Pro Octane is much more than a regular fuel can. Produced with highly durable and leak resistant walls, the Polisport Pro Octane accomodates a variety of users and uses. Featuring a leak-proof cap for securely and safely transporting your fuel, the cap also has an oil/fuel mix gauge so you can identify the fuel mix and comes with a detachable oil mixer measuring jug included. The design was developed to make the filling process easy and effortless if you’re using either the Hose filling system or the Quick Fill Cap.

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  • Complies with ADR standards 
  • Highly durable and leak-proof cap and walls 
  • Includes transportation cap 
  • Ergonomically designed handle for transport 
  • Oil/Fuel mix gauge on the cap to identify the fuel mix 
  • Fill Hose, Hose and cap available as spare part
  • Weight: 1640g

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